Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day all!

Simply another beautiful day here in Ontario for Father’s Day… lots of sun, and great warm temperatures.

This afternoon we were invited to Chris and Kristina’s to celebrate Father’s Day, along with Chris’ Mom and Dad.  Chris’ Brother Kevin, and new Wife, Ramona, from Germany, joined us.

Chris was harvesting from his garden, and right to the dinner table!


Chris has mastered the BBQ…


You had to be under the umbrella today, as the sun was beating down on us…


Just before we enjoyed our steak dinner, our Son, Dr. Hollinger, gave me a call on the cell from Tennessee.  He had to work a 24 hour shift today at the Hospital, but still had time to skype with his Daughters in Ottawa, and talk to his Dad!   He only has 6 days left in Tennessee and then will return to Ottawa to start work on his Fellowship July 1st. 


Overall, just a great Father’s Day! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. Happy Father's Day! Your day was much like mine spent here only your weather was a lot warmer - we ate inside!

  2. Happy Father's day!..looks like it was a great day..and sunny too!!

  3. Glad your day was filled was fun & sunshine!!!
    Have fun

  4. Happy Fathers day as well! Looks like another great day for you two and your families. I think we could use some of that hot weather though.