Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remembering Lake Havasu…

We hit the road at 10:00 this morning, heading for Bracebridge.  Arrived after 3 1/2 hours, not too bad, in fairly heavy traffic… especially around Toronto of course.

Last March, Judy and I spent 2 weeks at Lake Havasu as David and Angela were flying in for a 2 week holiday from Bracebridge.  While there, we met up with other friends of David and Angela’s, Doug and Ann, along with Nelson and Ann.

So, you have myself on the left in the back row, then David, Doug, Ann, (Doug’s Wife) and Nelson.

Front row is Angela, Judy, and Ann.  We all had a blast in Az. and were able to re-hack a lot of it today…


David and Angela have a great home in Bracebridge, and we got to sit on the deck, even though the weather was not the greatest… again!


Below David is giving some finer points on the use of a camera…


David was ranting about his brand new John Deere Lawn Tractor, so I egged him into breaking it out and giving us a test demo… below is his regal Queen wave…


We kept asking him where the other 10 acres of land was that he was cutting, but he never did answer…


We went for a little walk around the sub-division and checked out his neighbour’s souped up old cars, here is a 1948 Plymouth that has a Corvette LT 1 V8 motor in it… Vroooommmm… we have to get Tom to come over with his Vette and see who is the fastest!


It was a little hard getting the pictures, as they were tucked away in the garage, but below is a 1948 Mercury 1/2 Ton Truck.  Both are like new!  Very fancy…


This is a street view of David and Angela’s house… it is 3 years old now, and they keep it in great shape!  They put on a great steak dinner for us all tonight which was simply excellent!  Judy and I like it so much at this hotel, we are staying until Monday!


Great day overall, and fun to re-live the winter in Arizona.  David and Angela, if you remember, liked it so much, they bought a Condo while there.  They are planning a trip for this Sept. to stay at the Condo.

Till tomorrow…


  1. nice to stay at a great 'hotel'!!!

  2. I liked the looks of that John Deere mower! The old cars looked pretty good too. Looks like a fun weekend!

  3. Fun times and fun memories while making new ones. What a wonderful life we have.

  4. What, & David didn't even give you a ride in that spanky new looking little green trailer!! Gad-Zooks...

  5. Everything looks so green up there. It's a nice and dry 110 down here.