Friday, June 24, 2011

Wax on… Wax off…

Phew… what a day… sun, rain, hot, a bit of it all!

So you all should know the drill…


100_0391 - Copy

WAX OFF… need I say anymore???

100_0392 - Copy

I did the whole passenger side of the rig today, and the back end!  The cab is all done, along with the cab-over, so all that is left is the drivers side!  Will see how the weather treats me tomorrow…

This guy below was singing at Judy through the back window of the rig this morning, so she took his picture… seems like we are living in the jungle!

100_0390 - Copy

Last night Kristina and I enjoying desert at East Side Mario’s… yum…


Enjoyed at nice dinner tonight with Kristina and Chris, as we were in painting up a piece of furniture for Baby’s room… pics tomorrow…(notice when Judy cut my hair, she actually lowered my ears by 1 1/2 inches…)

Raining here again tonight… could not get the blog posted last night as we lost power and every thing else in a big storm!   Hope it goes tonight!

Till tomorrow…


  1. wax on wax off!..nice haircut..nice ears too!!..dessert looked yummy!!

  2. I actually noticed the dessert before your haircut! That haircut should be good for the rest of the summer!!

  3. Every time we wax the rig, I think of that movie. Drives me crazy. I didn't even see the haircut with that dessert in the picture.

  4. My neighbor is getting her house painted and one of the guys is on stilts painting the upper reaches. Maybe you need to get some stilts for the waxing job.