Friday, June 24, 2011

Rain, Rain…

Not much of a day weather wise today, as it rained a lot of day.  Had to give up any idea of finishing up the wax job on the rig, as waxing and rain simply do not mix!

With all the rain, the grass is nice and green around the park… these are the two camping cabins available in our park… and that is the field bed they are on for the sewage system!  Bet most campers don’t know that!


At least it was warm here today…


I thought today was a good day to break out our Canada Day Flag, and get an early start on Canada Day Celebrations! 


When we lived up in Sudbury, our Daughter had a best friend, “Amanda” who came from Kingston today to visit Chris and Kristina for the weekend.  She is an avid reader of RVlifeonwheels, and welcomed her debut on the World Wide Web tonight! 


Tomorrow Judy and I are off for Bracebridge again.  David and Angela are having a little party of the gang that got together this past winter in Lake Havasu, so that was a good enough excuse for us!  We will hang around the area until Monday as we have more medical appointments, and one set up with our Financial Planner.  Whew… lots going on!  Weather is supposed to be good though!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Perhaps those cabin campers have not heard of the old saying...The grass is always greener over the septic tank."

  2. Amanda and Kristina look so much alike they could pass for sisters - except one's expecting right now!

    Have fun with your Lake Havasu get together you 'party animals'.

  3. great job on celebrating Canada Day a bit early!!

  4. Starting the celebration early - great idea in my opinion. Have a great time with the Lake Havasu group.

  5. I guess if I was in one of those cabins, I would rather not know about the sewage system:(

  6. Hope your "party" in Bracebridge is "fun"