Saturday, June 18, 2011

Now that is better…

What a day today was… gorgeous outside… lots of sun, warm temperatures… love it… summer is here!

This morning I went into Kristina’s and Chris’ house to cut the lawn for them.  It has been growing for a bit and was due.  I brought our Scott’s hand push mower, as I knew the electric was not going to “cut it.”  Sure got my work out this morning!  Had to make a few passes but got it looking good!

Came back out to the RV for lunch, along with Kristina, as she wanted to go for a swim.

Got a call from Tom and Cheryl early this afternoon, as they were over near Kitchener this afternoon, looking at Real Estate.  Tom is a private mortgage lender.  They dropped by and spent the evening with us enjoying a pizza dinner!

Kristina really liked Tom’s car, so she had to pose for a picture…


Tom and Cheryl love touring around in their Vette… what a car.  Kristina thought it would be very practical for the baby…

That was about it for today… just perfect!

Till tomorrow…


  1. the vette is a very 'practical' family vehicle!..what a fun way to travel on a sunny day!!

  2. Perfect vehicle for transporting a new baby around in - go Kristina!!