Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visiting those we miss…

Well, the weather took a change for the better today, that is for sure!   It was bright and sunny and hot today, just perfect.

We took a ride back up to Gravenhurst today, and made arrangements for my prescriptions from the drug store… we also stopped into my old Branch Office of RBC.  It was good to see everybody, and no, I don’t want to return to work!   I enjoyed my time working as a Bank Manager, but I really enjoy my time being retired!

This afternoon, Judy wanted to complete an annual task she performs without flaw!  Flowers at the Grave Yard.  Orillia is a mid-size City of about 35,000 people, and has been here for a long time… that makes for a big Grave Yard.  Each year Judy plants flowers on her Aunt Ida’s Grave, my Father’s Grave, Her Uncle Mel’s Grave, her Mother’s Grave and her Father, and Step Father’s Grave… whew… that is a lot of flowers, especially when you have to carry them on two motorcycles.

It has been 18 years since my Dad passed away… hard for me to believe… He was a great Man that I enjoyed being around and respected Him very much!  He taught me a lot in life.  He was also a Veteran from WW II, and we know now that fighting in the war really changed his life.  He did not like talking about it.  I think a lot of the Vets are like that. Thanks to all Vet’s for your service! 

He liked Judy the day he met her, as when we all sat down for dinner that evening, Judy picked up a sausage off her plate and wrapped it in a piece of bread and ate it.  My Mother had warned my Father not to do this at supper as it was not proper!  Dad wanted to know why Judy could do it, and he couldn’t!   Mother was speechless…


Judy’s Mother, Jean, was also a great Women that we loved dearly!  She always told me I was her favourite Son-in-Law… ( Also, the only…) 

We miss them all dearly…  there is an orange ribbon on the stone, as Judy’s Mom and Dad were both Members of the Orange Lodge.  Every year all the Orange Lodge Member’s Graves are marked. The picture is not good as the sun would not co-operate.


This morning I got around to cleaning my motorcycle at the RV… it was a bit dirty… nobody messes with my bike!


Had a comment on last night’s blog from Doug and Sue… “Why do you have two satellite Dishes?”…

Answer is simple… one for TV, which we use Shaw Direct for, (the old Star Choice) and the other dish is for our Internet… Hughes Net. 

When we decided to go RV’ing exactly 2 years ago now, we both knew we would have to be plugged in to the Internet on a full time basis to be happy!  I did a pile of research on the issue, and decided that Hughes Net Satellite Systems was the best solution for us.  It is available anywhere in North America… and it has worked very good for us. (Only the odd tree has got in our way…) Only once or twice it has let us down over two years.   It is a very reliable high speed service, and it only takes me about 15 minutes to set up the dish and get hooked up online!

Our Shaw Direct also works very good, and ever since I purchased a “First Strike Meter” it only takes me 5 minutes to set the dish on the bird and have nice high def TV to enhance my experience watching the Leafs play of course… we have 2 receivers in the RV, one being a PVR, so all TV watchers can be happy!


Hey, what the heck happened in Boston last night anyways… oh boy… good thing game 7 is in Vancouver!

Till tomorrow…


  1. thanks for the 'dish information'!..nice trip down memory lane..it is difficult as we all get older knowing that one day someone will no longer be here..great memories you have of your family!

  2. Very nice post about the value of remembering our family members who have passed away. My Dad was a WWII vet as well and like you said about your Father, he seldom liked to talk about it.

    As for what will happen in Game 7? Who knows? I give up! What a crazy, dumb series. I'm just glad I don't live and die with the Canucks.

  3. Interesting blog. Just two weeks ago I rode out to St. Paul, Alberta, and spent about an hour visiting the cemetery where my folks, a brother, a sister and a brother in law, and countless relatives are buried. Like you, I was very fond of my Dad, a WW II vet, and a wonderful mentor to me.

    Likewise, no one messes with my motorcycle.