Sunday, June 26, 2011

Filling in for Canada Post…

This morning Judy and I were up and at it, enjoying breakfast with David and Angela.  We headed down to Gravenhurst and attended the morning Church Service at St. James, out old Church while we live in Gravenhurst.  It was great to see all our old friends from Gravenhurst!

We headed down to Orillia after to make a bunch of visits, in order to deliver some thank you cards for Kristina, thanking all the folks for coming out to her recent “baby shower”.

First was a stop at my Brother Richards and his Wife Sue.  Richard was off at his hunt camp with his friends and ATV having a ball, so never got to see him.  Ron and Pat, real good friends and blog readers, were next and we had a great visit.  A quick trip over to my Brother Gords and Wendy’s place to leave a card with them, and then to Timmy’s for a quick bite to eat of health food. 

Gary and Shelly were next, (Judy’s Brother) and had a good chin wag with them.  Next, and final was off to my Mothers Apartment for a nice visit! They were in full Canada Day colours…

See, I am not the only one with my flag flying…


Mom live on the fourth floor, and has a great little apartment where she is very happy!


Next it was back up to Bracebridge where I helped David install some cabinets in his garage, and do some maintenance on the John Deere tractor.  Seemed we might have wore it out yesterday.

Enjoyed an afternoon of sitting around talking and BBQing… perfect!

Off to a couple appointments tomorrow and back to Woodstock.

Till tomorrow…


  1. You certainly got a lot of visits in in one day. Sure hope you got that Deere running again.

  2. You sure manage to pack a lot of stuff into a single day. Makes me tired just reading it.

  3. Wow what a busy day!!! I bet your glad to be going on an adventure!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

    ps..come on by and become a follower of my new RV Park Review Blog. It is still under construction but I intend to add as many of the parks that we have visited in our 7 years of full timing. Good thing I kept notes...LOL LOL thanks ;-D

  4. If Canada Post reads your blog they may recruit you to help out with their back log!! Thanks for delivering so many cards you two :)

  5. I can't wait to see Canada! I've seen so little of the U.S. so far that another country just sounds amazing!