Monday, June 6, 2011

The Celebration of the Motorcycle…

Today was the first day of Americade, 2011.  It was a great day with even better weather… in the mid to high 80’s.

We started off by heading into Lake George for the opening and registration.  7 of us went in.  It was typical Americade… lots of bikes.

Here is Judy de-biking at the Holiday Inn, where all the registration occurs. 


What a celebration of the motorcycle… all kinds show up for this event… eventually this week, 10,000 bikes will be in this Town.


This is in great shape below… it is a 1970-ish Honda 350 four cylinder… when I was a teenager, I wanted one of these so bad… it never happened though…


An older couple drove up on this thing… it is actually made by Ford, and has a 4 cylinder car engine in it… very different…


This guy in the pic below looked a little hungry after his long drive to Americade…


There are a lot of the Can Am’s pictured below at the event.


After registration we decided to take a ride north up through the finger lakes region, and into Vermont.   Here we are waiting for a ferry boat to take us over to Vermont.


Before we can get on, everyone else has to get off.


All set for the 10 minute ride on the boat…


I climbed up with the Captain to get a elevated shot!


Every Ship has a name…


The new bridge below will soon put the boats out of service…


Two of these ferry’s alternate the runs back and forth…


Our ride was quite long, about 157 miles, so we stopped for dinner in Vermont at this quaint little pub on the lake.


Judy took the pics, and as a few of these people have outstanding warrants against them, we will not be naming any of them…


Lots of little Ducks along with their mommy…



I had the 3 Amigos… good presentation… (pulled pork)


All in all, a spectacular day!  Good friends and good weather and lots of motorcycles… argg, argg…

It is now time for Hockey Night in Canada!

Till tomorrow…


  1. that little ferry reminds me of the Fort Langley ferry that is no longer running across the Fraser River..we have a new bridge...the Golden Ears Bridge (toll)..but sure saves a ton of time! get to Langley from Maple Ridge is so much easier now!

  2. Thanks for taking us on your bike tour and all the great pics. Your lunch looked terrific!! Those guys did look a little 'sketchy' though.

    I think Vancouver better put their parade plans on hold for a bit, don't ya think???

  3. Well, the Canucks zoned out for Game 3 so the party will have to wait even longer. Keep riding! There is no need to rush back for hockey. More games to come. I enjoyed all the motorcycle photos.....and the starving rider too.