Friday, June 17, 2011

The travelling patient…

Very busy day again today.  It turned out to be a beautiful day with lots of sun.

I was up early and doing regular duties around the RV and then fired up my Honda 750 and drove into London to complete the scan on my thyroid.  I got there 5 minutes early for my 10:30 appointment, and sat in a crowed waiting room thinking… hmmmm, I will never get in.  To my delight, 3 minutes after I got there they called me in!   The other 50 people waiting must of thought I was someone special! 

This is the older section of Victoria Hospital, that is still in full use…

also old

This is the new section, just opened.   It is real big!  The Nuclear Medicine Dept. is on the 2nd. floor.

new hosp

I was quickly on my way as they completed the second part of my scan and told me they would fire off all the results to my Cardiologist, Dr. Williams up in Bracebridge.  Ontario Health care at it’s finest!

I took Regional Road 2 into London, which is a great road to ride the motorcycle on… no traffic, and lots of nice scenery. 

I love driving through the little Town of Thamesford.  It is a typical small Town in Ontario, with one of everything, and a whole bunch of nothing…  if you have the itch to move here, you can buy the Thamesford Mill, which is closed now, for a scant $325,000.00.  What a deal!  Surely you could live in one of those buildings, and you don’t see it in this picture, but the mill is on the Thamesford River.


I was back to the RV by lunch, and on my way to Orillia in the Jeep.  Made it in about 3 hours… lots of traffic around Toronto… what else is new.

Judy is doing very well, and was at the Dr. today to have packing removed.  All went well, and she was free to travel back home.   We enjoyed dinner with Gary and Shelly, (Gary is Judy’s brother) and were on our way home, arriving at about 9:00 tonight.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Hmmmm?? I'm thinking about an offer on that mill - NOT!!

    Glad to hear all the medical stuff is going well for you and Judy. I'll bet a few folks in that waiting room were muttering a bit after you got called in so quick.

  2. Glad to hear Judy is doing well. Hope the results of your scan are just as positive.

  3. I bet the real price on that mill is for any type of environmental clean up or for tear down. I found an interesting site with more pics:

  4. So glad that Judy is doing so well... and that your day went smoothly without a hitch! Great deal on that mill but it's not in our budget at this
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. That mill would make a heck of a condo. Think of the stuff you could store:)