Friday, June 3, 2011

Clean up day… finally!

It has been a little over a month now, that we have returned from the South West U.S.A. area.  Today I finally got around to cleaning the exterior of our Gulf Stream Endura.  It was pretty dirty and it took me all morning and an hour yesterday, to finish it all up.  We leave for New York on Sunday, so I had to have it clean to leave… so we can get it dirty again… hmmmmmm…

One of our exterior seams on our Bedroom Slide Out, was in need of caulking, so I got around to that this afternoon.  It is a bit of a messy type job, but once you are finished  that is it!


Nice clean motor home again…


Those are temporary campers you see above, who have come in for the weekend… usually these lots are empty during the week…


Patra was enjoying our beautiful weather today, as she was on the big lookout for anything that moved… ooopppsss I think she is off leash…

We are heading into Woodstock tonight, to enjoy an evening of music with Kristina.

Till tomorrow…



  1. It's always nice to get the RV all cleaned up and looking good again even if we know it's going to get dirty again. Yours is looking good!

    Way to go Patra!!

  2. I always feel guilty when folks talk about cleaning the RV. I tend to count heavy rains as an official cleaning.