Thursday, June 16, 2011

Off to London…

This morning, I picked up Kristina in Woodstock and we made the quick 30 minute drive into London.  It is a larger City of about 350,000 people.  I had to attend Victoria Hospital to have my scan completed on my thyroid gland.

The Hospital has been under major re-building, and the Nuclear Medicine Dept. where I had to go was all brand new… what a spot.

The Staff were very efficient, and had me in right on my appointed time, for the 1 hour test.  It is just like getting an MRI completed.   Now, I have to go back for 10:00 tomorrow and do it all over again… that is how they do the thyroid testing.

This afternoon was spent doing some work around the RV, and then helping Kristina and Chris bring some metal siding home from his Parents house, which he is going to make a bit of a pen for Cali to stay in. 

Never took one pic today… just too busy… will get some tomorrow when I am back in London. 

Judy continues to recover and is doing very well.  I will probably go up and pick her up tomorrow and bring her back home to the RV.

Thanks to all our readers who express best wishes for Judy… it is appreciated!

Till tomorrow…


  1. glad the thyroid test went well!!..and that Judy is recovering nicely!!

  2. With all the medical tests, surgeries and stuff, you guys are going to be fit as a fiddle for this winter's vacation. Good stuff.

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  4. Hoping for all to turn out GREAT for the both of you!
    Have fun

  5. Just joined your followers and let me add my wishes for both of you to soon be done with all the medical stuff. It's not fun, but oh so necessary so we can continue RVing.