Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wax finally OFF!!!

Not a nice morning if you were looking at the sky… dull and gloomy, however it was warm out.

Finally got off my butt and headed outside and finished waxing the RV… it is done!  Complete! Call me in six months when it is time to do it all over again!

This afternoon, our good friend Gerard from Waterloo headed down to Woodstock, and him and I  hit the golf course.  Weather turned out quite nice this afternoon and the golfing was excellent!  We ended up at the RV for some post game refreshments.'

Never got around to taking a picture today, but I received some pictures from our Daughter, Kristina, that I think are great.  Our friends David and Angela, had a nice stereo stand that they recently replaced, and were looking for a good home for the old one.  It is a real nice piece and is a bit heavy!

Chris’ Brother, Kevin, recently married Romona, a nice gal from Germany.  They have decided to live for the next while in Canada, and needed to set up an apartment in London, Ont.

They were great candidates to receive this piece, however they had to lift it up to the second floor of the apartment.

Chris and Kevin did the heavy lifting up a very narrow set of stairs… they made it!


I can sit back and watch this kind of work all day!


Sure glad I wasn’t there… (my sore back…)


.Finally, they made it up to the loft!


That was about it for today, looking for better weather tomorrow…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Definitely glad it was them and not us hauling that thing up the stairs. But it sure looks great there.

  2. Great job of documenting that move. Must have really worn you out though!

  3. so sorry you had to 'work so hard'!..better rest up!

  4. Well at least you were moral support right!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe