Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Phew… it is warm…

Seems like we are getting a whole bunch of warm weather here in Ontario so far this year… maybe a little more than out in areas like B.C. where a lot of the bloggers report cooler temperatures.  We will take it!

Not much going on here today, other than I spent the morning starting a wax job on the RV.  This will take a few days, but I started on the front cab, and the cab-over area above the cab.  I hate doing this part, so get it over with first! Problem is though, there is some rain in our forecast for the next couple days maybe… hmmmm…

Judy gave me my first day of summer buzz cut this afternoon, now I am all set for the summer!

That is it for tonight… (hopefully I get the blog posted, as our internet service has been off for quite a bit tonight… bad weather on the east coast(Maryland) where Hughes Net has the main satellite dish that services all the remote users.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Waxing the rig always takes me at least a week. And boy do my arms hurt when I finally finish. Hope it cools down for you some.

  2. We actually started the summer off not bad today - around 70F, nice and comfy.

    Waxing the rig is a tough but necessary job. Keep up the good work.

  3. Summer officially kicked in yesterday and we had summer like weather - finally! Seems as though slow and steady will get the wax job done.