Monday, June 20, 2011

Working 9 to 5… what a way to make a living…

Up and at it at the crack of dawn today… well, is 8:00 the crack of dawn????

Started off by wanting to clean up the RV.  We had a million New York bugs stuck on the front form out trip to Americade… they finally came off today, and I got right into it and ended up cleaning the entire RV.  No pictures, but it is nice and shinny and clean… maybe now I can get around to the annual wax job I want to do.

This afternoon, was so nice out, we decided to take out the motorcycles and go for a ride.  After a quick look at the map, Port  Bruce was in our sights!   It was about an hour drive from Woodstock, and on nice back roads… even better.

Port Bruce is a great little Town, located right on the shores of one of Canada’s greatest Lakes, Lake Erie!  They have a great little welcome sign to the Town…


We followed the main road and found ourselves right down on the shores of Lake Erie, and enjoying the beach.

Here I am shedding my riding gear…


Simply a “great lake”…


More people were fishing than swimming… it was hot…


All the people on the pier below were fishing…


There is a working light house on the pier…


There are some bluffs on the other side of the pier…


Judy snagged the pic below of the guy snagging the fish… he threw it back… too small I guess…


Judy was thrilled this morning as she also snagged a humming bird at her bird feeder… don’t you just love the “crop tool” on Windows Live Writer!  Look at the picture of the humming bird, and right below I am posting the actual picture Judy took of the bird! 


Here is the original picture of the bird…


All in all, just a great day… but we may be getting a little wet later in the week, we will see.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Well, looks like we both did a little 'cropping' in our blog photos today.....

  2. Love that cropping tool. And looks like a great ride.

  3. That LW cropping tool comes in handy once in a while. Nice pic!

    That fish the guy caught looked like a 'keeper' to me!

  4. great shot of the hummingbird! allround great day!..poor you having to get up at 8 am!? working stiffs?..we are up at 530 am!..and it's even light out..that is a good thing!!

  5. Enjoyed all your photos today. Keep 'em coming!!

  6. Nice country for motorcycling....actually, any reason to get out on two wheels is nice!