Thursday, June 2, 2011

Into the good stuff!

You might say it is about time, but finally Ontario is getting some of the good stuff.   The past couple days have been great… lots of sun, and moderate temperatures… just the way I like it.

So to celebrate, I took a bit of a tour on the motorcycle this afternoon. 

Parked here down on Dundas Street in Woodstock, I had to hit the Bank…


It was fairly busy in Town today, as it seems to be on most days…  check out the name of the cross street in the picture… can’t say I have ever come across that street name before…


Toyota has a great big new production facility right in Woodstock, which provides a pile of employment for people in this area… even though the Company is in trouble in Japan after the Tsunami, they are still pumping cars out of this plant.

toyota two

I drove out on Highway 401 to the Ministry of Transportation Truck Safety Stop, to ask the Staff questions about towing.   In Ontario, it is legal to pull your Jeep behind your Motorhome, and then pull another trailer behind the Jeep, as long as you do not exceed 75 1/2 feet in total length!  Thinking about possibly pulling the motorcycles behind the Jeep… we will see.

On the way home I took the back roads, and came across the Town of Beachville.  Look at their claim to fame…


The claim is that they hosted the first “recorded baseball game” a way back in 1838…

Not to sure about that one, but who knows!

Spent the afternoon getting our Motorcycle Trailer and RV all cleaned up to make the trip this Weekend to Lake George, NY. to attend Americade!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Beachville Baseball

    Very interesting. I play vintage baseball and I never heard this. I guess I'll share it with the team.

    A Arizona Holiday

  2. Many years ago there was a family inour church by the name of Finkle...maybe they moved to Canada and got a street named after them! Sounds like you had a good ride.

  3. With all the stuff you may be pulling you will probably have to get a train licence! Not hard to see who the main employer in Woodstock is - that's a pretty big Toyota plant.