Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life at Americade!

Too busy last night having fun at Americade and could not get a post put up… sorry about that folks…

Yesterday, our group decided to head into Lake George first thing in the morning to take in “Tour Expo”, which is a big area on the beach where all the venders set up.  There are lots of them, and lots of people attend… Lots of good deals. 

We parked on the main street and walked down the to market area along Lake George…


There are lots of boats down on the lake.


Patsy and Judy enjoy the walk…


Lake George is a great spot…


They did a real good job developing the waterfront area… very similar to Gravenhurst, Ontario!


This area is full of Harley Davidson Motorcycles that are used for the free test drives.  You can test drive anything here!  Lots of people do.  You get to go out for about a 45 minute drive to an hour.


We hit the vender area…


I decided to pass on the sun glasses, with the wind shield wipers that actually worked!


It was real hot here, but not near as hot as today was!


Indian motorcycles are great, but a little expensive!


It got so hot, we all headed back to our RV Park for a swim in the nice cool pool.


We all had a great time at the pool.


After supper a few of us headed into Lake George for the bike show… part of the flavour of Americade is just parking your bike and checking out the others and all the people… there are all kinds… a great spot to people watch.   People bring in lawn chairs just to sit and watch… while motels set up stadium seating for patrons to sit and watch… it is a real show!


This guy below was checking out a real machine…


This guy snuck in his truck…


Some very different side cars this year…


This bike below is a Boss Hoss.  It is a special made bike with a 500 hp big block Chev V8 Motor in it… you should hear it!   They cost about $60,000 to buy one.  I think the owner of this one was an American!


You see a bit of everything here…


Below is a Suzuki Burgman turned into a trike!


They parade up and down the street all night!


Judy and I headed down the the State Capital, Albany to do some shopping today… it was real hot.

I picked up a nice new Lenovo 15.5 inch laptop today, to replace my HP that is giving too much trouble.  It is a great machine and sold at Best Buy for $349.00… what a deal!  It is fully loaded!

Picked up some baby stuff for Kristina.

Tomorrow we will head for Ottawa, back to Canada, and enjoy a quick visit with the Hollingers in Ottawa, and then on to Orillia for the Weekend.

Enjoyed the pool again this afternoon after our return as it was over 32 deg. C. or over 90 F.

Till tomorrow…


  1. no! ..I think he was a Canadian!?..Americans are proud that is for sure!

  2. Great pics of all the bikes, John. Looks like a pretty interesting motorcycle rally, sure is a lot money tied up in those beasts.

    Good price on that Lenovo laptop too! They're great computers(IBM).

  3. My niece has been at Americade all week. Said she was going to ride a "Boss Hoss". Now I know what that is! Small world, eh?