Friday, June 21, 2013

A drive down memory lane...

Turned out to be a great day in Orillia today...sunny and warm.

We did some shopping in Orillia this morning, and then Judy and Debbie wanted to go for a country drive. Judy and Debbie are childhood friends, knowing each other for life. They did everything together.

This is Judy's home... A farm out north of Orillia. There is a new addition on the front so it looks quite different now.

The barn and the out buildings are the originals, and still in good shape. Ya, I used to help put hay up in that barn when I was a young buck! Judy and I met in 1971, and I made a big impression driving up in my 1963 Chevy Biscayne!

Mine kind of looked like this one... (Except my trunk closed)

I traded it in for a 1966 Ford Mustang that looked just like this one below...well, maybe not as shinny.


This is where we met!

We met at a party in this house! Remember the night well. Debbie was at this party as well... Lots happened that night...remember...1972!


This is the home Deb grew up in... Deb and Judy were talking old times all day today.

It is getting old, but I still carry this class picture of Judy, that she gave me as soon as we met, in my wallet today! What's in your wallet?

They both went to this two room school, that has now been converted to apartments.


Still best of friends, many moons later...


Till tomorrow...



  1. Great memories. Looks like a nice place to grow up.

  2. It's so sweet to have those special memories.

    Thanks for taking us all on the ride! :-)

  3. That was a good 'memory lane' blog. Long lasting friendships are gold!

  4. So many memories going back in time.
    Amazing how quickly it flies by too.
    Thanks for sharing.