Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time to get the bikes out...

Well, Mother Nature got it right here today! Wow... nice and warm, lots of sun, with a bit of overcast, but just right. We decided it was time to get our bicycles out, as they had not been out since we arrived back from Florida!

London was the place to go today, as they have a great bike trail path area, with miles of trails.


Yes, that is Judy back there on her bike, as I snap her picture with the "old hand behind the back" smart phone camera shot!

You get to bike right along side the Thames River over at London.

Lots of Canadian Geese call the Park area their home... lots of babies this year...

They went through the expense of building a special bridge to cross the Thames River, just for the walking/bike path.

The path goes right by Storybook Park, and yes, the train was just a rolling today.

We put in 10 klms. on the bike today, not bad for the first time out this year.

After biking, we decided to head over and check out the Masonville Mall. Great spot with Sears, Target, and The Bay as anchors.

Visited with the kids a bit tonight, and was just amazed that at one month old, little Charlie was actually interacting with me in real time! We were making faces at each other, and he was giving me great big smiles - or maybe he had gas, not sure. Nope he was smiling at me!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Wow, Charlie looks great!

    That looked to be a pretty nice bike ride you and Judy took today.

  2. Sounds like perfect weather for a bike ride, but my favorite part of the post is seeing you with one-month-old Charles.

  3. Nice area for bike riding in London,
    Masonville is a nice large shopping mall, we were there couple weeks ago.

  4. Life is great! Good weather, good riding, good shopping and spending quality time with with Charlie. That is a really great day!