Monday, June 10, 2013

Another lousy wet day... great if you are a duck!

Ya, this duck was the only one happy here today. It rained here all day. It was warm, but very wet! Quack, quack...

Not a lot happening here... Judy spent the afternoon in with Kristina and the kids, helping her out. I was back at the RV doing some RV Maintenance, and laid some new tiles on the treads of our steps coming into the RV. You can't really see them, as they are covered by carpet pieces anyways.

Did have a pic of Gwenny holding her new brother today, under the supervision of Daddy who just came home from work...

Gwenny gets all excited about her little brother...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Always something to do when it gets a bit wet, relaxing is good too.

  2. It is wet here in Ohio too. We are trying to put in new windows. Not working very well!

  3. Glad to see Charlie getting lots of love and attention from his 'big sis'!