Monday, June 24, 2013

iPhotogene for iPad

Back about a week ago, I had a big time iPad problem when I got a message from Blogsy saying, "hey buddy, you have exceeded your Picasa space limit"... I said... "What???"

Problem was I was downloading pictures off our camera onto our iPad direct, and then posting them through Blogsy. Good Blogger Friend Rick from out West, (ya, you all know him...) set me straight a couple emails later, and I decided I had to reduce the size of these pictures. I also use a Flicker Account to post pictures from our LG Smart Phone which works good.

So, the next problem was how to reduce the pictures coming into the iPad! Hmmmmmm... lets go to the App Store and do some shopping! Turns out, iPhotogene fits the bill! I purchased the app today for $3.00 and it works as advertised... check it out.

I needed a subject for my experiments so what better one than Gwenny. They were out to our park last night for a swim, and our weather has been super hot! This is a picture of Gwenny learning how to kick in the pool... it is the original. With one touch of iPhotogene you can do this...

This is called Purple Haze.... maybe I should look up my old Jimmy Hendrick photos! It is very easy to do anything to a photo in this app, and you can access any photo you have stored on your iPad.



As you can see, you can practically do anything with a photo... change colours, add thought bubbles, or frames, do anything with the lighting, it is amazing.

However best of all, I can instantly resize my photos and export them to Picasa where they are ready to be grabbed by Blogsy and posted to the web.


Original photo above. ( blur spots are water drops on the lens of our underwater camera...)

One touch button fix called "Warm". You can see the difference to enhance your pictures.

All the changes you make are visible instantly on the iPad screen as you work with them... very easy to use, and I am a beginner at this app.

So, get ready for some fancy dancy pictures coming to this blog near you. I will try different things as I go forward improving my knowledge of this program. First glance though at this App says it is a winner!

Till tomorrow.


  1. I think we've created a monster! A photo monster!

    Great job, John - pretty fancy stuff. The best part now is you can load all these pics to G+ storage absolutely free now - well worth the $3 you had to pay for the app.

  2. Impressive display of photo editing and other fun additions. I am in a rut with my more laborious methods. You made this all sound so easy (and look so good!) that I started to feel willing to try some new tricks. Then Rick has to mention Google+--something I have been pretending doesn't exist. The readiness is all!

  3. I'm on the Android platform and I love Photo Zoom FX! :-)

  4. Gotta love these editing programs now so easy to use and lotsa fun.
    Google+ has all my photos too so cool.
    Lovin this awesome weather here finally!

  5. Love that Rick. I have a droid but so far Picasa hasn't yelled at me.

  6. I seems you may be spending a bit more time editing future blog photos. Good tips!