Saturday, June 8, 2013

Plunkett Automobile Show in London...

This morning as we were enjoying our coffee, we received a text message from Judy's Brother Howard, and Teri, who were driving by on their way to the Plunkett Car Show over in London for the day....

A few texts later, and Judy and I were loading up to go and join them, as our agenda for today was a little thin anyways! Turned out to be a good call.

Steve Plunkett owns the property where the show is held each year, and has a fine collection of older Cadillacs that he keeps in a couple dream garages. He opens them up for the show. Also, all admission and parking fees go directly to a combination of 35 local Charities! In case you are wondering where Plunkett got all his money, apparently his Father owns the patent on the birth control pill.

As soon as we got there, this guy drove his car right into the pond!!!!! Quickly I figured out he had an amphi-car.... very cool. Built back in the 1960s... there was about 12 of them here at the show and you could get a ride in them... we did!

Yes, I made a video... check it out below... only 15 seconds, but very cool.

Told you we did !

We walked around most of the day enjoying hundreds of different cars on display.

Heck, even Batman was there...

Some people have too much money...

Yes, this is part of the collection in the garage above, complete with chandeliers!

They even had a couple old antique Suzukis here... I had one just like the black one when I was a crazy teenager! What a blast it was!

Here is a 1/2 ton on steroids... some people... too much money!


Part of the show above...

This is a small travel trailer done up in the "I Love Lucy" Theme... kinda neat!

Howard and Teri came over in their Crysler Le Baron - the woody model!

We ended up having dinner with Kristina and Chris, who put on a fine Lasagne Dinner for us, and it gave Howard and Teri a chance to meet Charlie for the first time!

Till tomorrow...



  1. now that's the way to spend a Saturday! looked like you all had a fun time!!

  2. I haven't seen an Le Baron like that for years. Love the I Love Lucy RV.

  3. Love the old car shows, looks like a great time!

  4. I enjoy antique car/truck/motorcycle shows. Going to one today, in fact. I particularly like the amphi-car but taking it out on the ocean here would rust it out quickly. What a fun activity to partake in!

  5. Quite the collection of interesting cars!

    Your boat/car ride looked like fun - I guess you don't have to worry about flat tires in the water!

    I'd go for the Batmobile myself.