Friday, June 7, 2013

Back in to Woodstock...

What a day yesterday was... a very long day. We left shortly after 9:00 in the morning and did not pull into Woodstock until after 7:30 in the evening... maybe that is why I didn't blog last night...yawn.....

The kids were super during the very long drive. It just takes extra time with young kids when you are travelling, that is for sure!

We all had a great time in Ottawa visiting the Hollinger Gang! Great to see everyone again. Emmie made sure I had a going away present when I left.

Nothing like a nice picture of herself, with Gramma and Pop Pop! Thanks Emmie!

Turned out to be a good day to travel, as it rained the whole day... never stopped, and it was not real warm. Today was just a bit better. Very cool again today, but no rain.

Did not do much at all, took it easy after a very busy week.

Till tomorrow...



  1. That is a very long day. Glad you are home safely.

    The picture looks exactly like you two. Emmie is a good

  2. That was one long drive. We are accustomed to those types of drives too.

    The best part is that you returned with some really awesome art work. Hard to beat that!

  3. I sure don't envy those long days of driving. Emmie is a budding artist!