Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Yikes, Canada is 146 years old this coming July 1st, so that makes this Canada Day Weekend! There will be all kinds of festivities held all over Canada this weekend, including a big fireworks display in Woodstock and at our Park. Everywhere you look around here are Canadian Flags flying!

However your flag got awefull wet here today... wow... it rained pretty well all day! Judy spent last night in with the kids tending to the needs of Charlie, so Kristina could get a good nights sleep. This morning, I spent cleaning up the RV, doing laundry, etc., to keep everything up to date!

So... how much rain fell today?

It rained so much, that Gwenny had to go outside and play in the puddles with her Grand Mother! No, Judy did not pencil sketch the pictures of Gwenny with her umbrella above... that is just me messing around still with my iPhotogene program again... here is the original picture below.

On the ground beside her, is a "paper boat" that Kristina helped her build. Gwenny wanted to try it out!

Judy reported that the boat did not fair all that well in the water, but that did not dampen Gwenny's enthusiasm for trying to make it float!

Well, sometimes when your a little girl with bright pink boots on, you just have to jump in the puddles. Judy took her around the block, and said Gwenny jumped in every puddle they came across. Why not!

So, don't forget to get out there and enjoy Canada Day on Monday! The weather looks like it is going to be great here for the big day.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Happy Canada Day to you too.

    We are having a hot time of it here on the west coast. The sun is out and the heat has risen - big time!.

  2. Love those bright pink boots on Gwenny! Happy Canada Day to you - enjoy your weekend! :-)

  3. Pretty in Pink. I saw a little one (about 3, maybe 4 years old) come out of her dance class a couple of days ago. She had on tights, a tutu and her ballet slippers. She saw a puddle and headed right for it. Yep she made a big splash and had a big grin on her face

  4. Along with "Take time to smell the roses" we should add..."and jump in all the puddles." Cute pictures. Happy Canada Day to you.

  5. Happy Canada Day! You don't look a day over 145. Hope you enjoy all the festivities.

  6. Lotsa rain yessir, but we can still Celebrate Canada's birthday, we are starting on Saturday just to make the most of it.