Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Tires for RVlifeonwheels!

With 2 problem tires out of four in the past couple weeks, it was obvious it was time for some new rubber on the MH. We had blown one of the tires on the QEW, although it was caused by road debris, and another tire developed a leak which could not be identified. So, with these tires entering their 9th year of service, it was time for them to go. Thankfully we had replaced both our front tires about 3 years ago, so we got away light today.

Honeywood Tire up in Stratford was the chosen location to replace these tires. They are fully equipped to handle just about anything there. George from Our Awesome Travels had recommended them to us.

They were just jacking up the rig in this picture, getting ready to take the tires off. It was overcast, but they wanted to do it outside, as it was getting hot at 8:30 this morning.

These two jacks you see are holding up the back end of the RV. You can see the spare tire, already placed back into it's holder, hopefully, never to come down off there again!!!

Above is the inner tire getting ready to come off. We were able to inspect the rear brakes, and with 39,000 miles on them, they still looked new, and good to go!

Back home in an hour and a half, with four new skins on the back! Well, ready to hit the road again for more adventures! Ohhh, if you are wondering, we use Michelin Tires... they are one of the few Companies that actually make the tire to fit our rig. They come with a 6 year Mfg. Warranty. (Not road hazard.)

After I got the rig back and hooked up, I spent the rest of the day cleaning it up, and cutting grass. It was really hot, so a nice swim in our 85 deg. F. pool felt real good!

Judy went into Town to spend the day helping Kristina with the kids.... says she was baking cookies again, but I did not see any...


Gwenny looked like she was ready to go on a cruise boat today...


Looks like they had a lot of play time.... Kristina had to visit her Doctor this afternoon, so Judy stayed in to look after the kids. Check out the box in the background of the picture marked "CAR". This is where Gwenny keeps her stash of dinky cars... she loves them! (Do they still call them Dinky Cars???)

Till tomorrow...



  1. Glad you got your new tires installed and am sure Honeywood treated you just fine. I know they did us and great prices too.

  2. You got your money's worth out of those old tires at 9 years, John.

    Just as a sidenote, I've heard, and read, from a lot of tire guys that any tire should be replaced after 7 years even if there is still good tread on them. Something to do with the sidewalls cracking etc. Just something else to keep in mind.

    Charles is really looking alert - smart too as he can talk already!

  3. Cute pictures of the kids. Looks like Rick has started a "word bubble" trend (tee-hee).

  4. WOW...9 years on the same tires? That is amazing.

    Tires can sure put a dent in the old pocketbook. Glad to read you got a great deal! I feel better now that y'all are traveling on good treads.

  5. You are ready for the long road back to Florida, this winter. Nice years was a long time on those tires. You got your $$$ worth.

    Bubble thoughts are kind of fun, aren't they? Cute photos!