Thursday, June 20, 2013

Road trip...

We were supposed to run into good friends Deb and Gerard up in Orillia this week with our RV...but a flat tire changed that agenda real quick! Today , Judy and I decided to drive up and spend a couple days with them anyways. They have a real nice brand new 31 foot Windjammer by Rockwood. Time for a road trip!

Also got a nice visit in with Garry and Shelly in Orillia this afternoon...but no pictures...


Enjoying Happy Hour before dinner. Problem was Gerard got into the Moonshine too much, and Deb had to give him a poke in the butt!

OK, so they had this pic taken on a recent trip to Tennessee.

We went for a nice after dinner walk down to Lake Couchiching, (ya, I spelled it right...) perfect night for a walk.


This Park even has a Marina on site.

Had to cross the bridge on our walk...

Gerard got our fire going... Life is good!

Nice way to end a great day!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I love the Tennessee picture and the sunset too! "Life IS Good!" :-)

  2. I love that sepia photo. It is so cute.

    The park does look lovely.

  3. Nice that you got away for a visit, get your new tires yet?

  4. That moonshine pic is ridiculously awesome!

  5. Oh goodness, I love the TN photo!
    That bridge is cute too. Not sure why but I'm always drawn to water... waterfalls, bridges, riverbanks, etc.

  6. Nice campfire you guys got going there and the sunset photo is fantastic!

  7. Nice road trip! Sure am attracted to outdoor fires. Enjoy all that you can!