Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here comes the sun...

After being overcast all day, we did get into the sun this afternoon, and it felt pretty good! I was all alone this morning over my coffee, as Judy stayed in Town and took care of Charlie last night for Chris and Kristina.

I went in for a visit this morning, and found Judy teaching Gwenny how to make cookies! This is very important you know!

They did start off with a roll of that pre-made chocolate chip cookie mix, as Gwenny's attention span probably could not handle starting from scratch...
All set for the oven!

They made them on Gwenny's snack table, as it is the right size for her... here they are transporting them to the oven...

Augh.... the taste of success! Watch out Paulette! Gwenny is starting to catch up to all your cooking skills!

Exercise was needed this afternoon, so we were off to the Standard Tube Trail System... check out all the green after all the rain we have had!

All the water levels were high along the trail, which is on the Thames River.

Turned out to be a great afternoon, nice and warm for a walk.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Gwenny is absolutely adorable - proud grandparents you must be! :-)

  2. Special time with Gwenny, too much fun.

  3. What fun for Gwenny to learn cookie baking from Grandmother. I guess she'll learn to motorcycle from her Grandfather.