Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now that was a better day...

Weather wise was much better today. Lots of sun this morning, warm temperatures and clear. I was out this morning as I had a big job in mind... I wanted to wash down the RV.

Now the roof has already been washed by the time I took this picture... it was pretty dirty from all the trees around us, and the fact that it has rained a LOT the past month. You can see lots of green hiding the Phaeton across the way from us.


I got the RV all washed and threw in the Motorcycle Trailer as well today, we we are all cleaned up. Might hit the Jeep tomorrow. Next on the to do list will be to start into waxing again, but that might be delayed, as we are trying to put together some more travel plans! Time will tell.

This afternoon I helped my neighbour John, (he owns that there Phaeton...) as he was in a big job of replacing the fixtures in his kitchen sink! It too us a couple hours but we got the job done with no leaks, so all is well again at Phaeton Place as I call it! We got to visit with John and Shiela this past winter down in Florida, and enjoyed lunch with them at Disney World.

After we finished the kitchen sink, we moved over to my rig and pulled off one of my mirrors off the front of the rig. It had a light reflector come loose on the way home from Florida this year, and John and I spent an hour or so taking it apart and getting ready to glue it back together... need some more glue, and will have some pics tomorrow...

The kids came out for dinner tonight as it was beautiful out.

First order of business was a swim for them in the park pool. They all enjoyed it, but it was too cool for me! Only 75 deg. F. which is not quite high enough for my old bones.

Judy bought these little water balls for Gwenny and she loved to play with them in the pool...

After swimming it was time to kick back, and enjoy the afternoon... check out Charlie beside Gwenny in his bug proof enclosure... a bunch of house flys around today.

Great day overall, just got to get ready to watch some hockey tonight! Go Chicago!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Weather getting better, love it!

  2. Nothing like a helping hand on these RV jobs that's for sure.

    I agree 75F is too cool for me to swim in - may as well throw some ice cubes in there.

    Gwenny and Charlie look pretty darned comfy outside your rig.

  3. You could be the RV 'go to tech' in your park. Nice to lend a hand to fellow RVers.

    The RV pool is a nice feature for the kids to visit but I too concur with your thoughts on jumping in when it is only 75 degrees out.

    I like Gwenny's cool summer chair.