Sunday, June 23, 2013

Family Reunion Time!

Yesterday Judy and I left Deb and Gerard in Orillia, and headed down to Seagrave, Ontario, for a Family Reunion of the Payne Clan. Turned out to be a great day for the big party, and we were able to hold it all outside and enjoy the great weather.

Starting on the left is Bob, then Howard, Judy and of course Garry. All siblings were present and accounted for! Judy is the baby of the Family, and I guess by the picture, the shortest! Howard and Teri offered up their lovely home in Seagrave, which has an enormous lot. Lots of shade was needed when the sun came out!

There was a total of 29 people at the party... Gwenny was sleeping when we took the official group shot, and I hope I counted right. There should be 28 people above... don't forget Charlie being held by Chris in the car seat with bug screen! It was great to have so many of the Family here.

Lots of time to talk to everyone, and Gwenny enjoyed the food!

Gwenny met a cousin, Persia... ( I hope I spelled it right...???....) and both were being entertained by April.

They even had a dance party!

We had a big volley ball tournament, and other games.


There is our Host and Hostess cooking up a storm in the kitchen! They put on a big pot luck dinner, and they supplied a great turkey and ham! No one went away hungry! Strawberry shortcake and lemon pie and a bunch of chocolate baked items to fill the desert hole in everyone!


The girls took Howard's 1915 Model T for a drive around the back yard!

Howard started up the fire pit full of dead limbs etc....

He saved his Christmas Tree to throw on the fire! Can you tell it was bit dry! We had flames 50 feet in the air... but only for about 20 seconds! AWESOME!

Got all the kids to pile into the Model T... might need some work on the shocks now... not sure.

Sure was a great time... I only have about 200 more pictures!

Must send our heartfelt thanks to Howard and Teri for taking this on, and being the Hostess with the most! Everyone had a great time, and enjoyed the great weather and food! Thanks again Howard and Teri!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Family reunions are always fun glad you had a great time. perfect weather too.

  2. You need to make a book for the family with those 200 pictures! You sure have some great shots the one of all the kids on the car. And the two little cousins are so cute! Gwenny looks adorable in her little pony tails. Sure glad those flames only lasted about 20 seconds. Looks like they were pretty close to the trees! Nothing like family memories.

  3. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I love family reunions. A great time to make lots of memories.

  4. Family reunions are the greatest. Yours seemed like is was just that. Great fun!

    A beautiful Model T!

  5. Party animals! That was one great looking bonfire.