Monday, June 17, 2013

We got away with one today!

Ha, ha... take that Mr. Weatherman...

The forecast for today was not real good here today, overcast and rain! However, it simply turned out great! Lots of sun, warm... no clouds, just great! We needed a day like today.


Had some excitement at the park here today... a Tree Company came in and removed a big tree from one of the Park Model Sites... they used one of those big machines that chew up the branches and spit it all into the back of the truck, which magically dissapears later, and all is good again. I love watching them shove the branches into the grinder!

Judy went in and helped out Kristina for a while with the kids, while I had some jobs I wanted to do out at the RV. I picked up the compresser at Kristina's place, and wanted to see if I could inflate the back tire that had lost all it's pressure. Once I got it cranked up, I was able to inflate the tire up to 95 lbs. of pressure! Perfect. Got out my high intensity led flashlight, and did an inspection of the tire. Could not find any reason for a leak... eg. nail, screw, puncture. Also, I could not hear any air escaping from the tire. Will have to wait and see if it goes down or not. Hopefully I will be able to drive it up to Stratford once our new tires come in. Thanks to George from Our Awesome Travels, he gave me a referal of a Tire Company up in Stratford that he uses, so I gave them a call, liked their pricing, and ordered the tires. Should be here from Montreal in a couple days. Thanks George.

While I had the compresser set up, decided it was a great tool to blow out all of our basement compartments. It took no time to clean them all out, and they looked great! Seemed to be much easier than using the vacuum cleaner. Also did a bunch of other smaller RV maintenance jobs, that always seem to pile up on the list, like going around lubricating all the door and hatch locks.

I took this next picture off of our Son's Facebook page... I loved it! He received this letter from his Dauhter Emmie, who is 5, and completed this form at Kindergarten I presume. Sure give good meaning to Fathers Day!


A couple hints... first line, Dad's name is Shawn, and he works as a Dr. at Cheo. (Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

Till tomorrow...



  1. Great thinking = blowing out all the compartments! We have so much desert dust and sand. We just might do the same thing.

  2. Glad you can get your new tires so soon and am sure they gave you a good price too.
    Get on the road soon and safe travels.

  3. There is always something to maintain whether with a brick and sticks home or a house on wheels.

  4. Love it when the weatherman calls for rain - and he's wrong! Usually it's the other way around.

  5. What a treasure for your son to cherish.

  6. Love the note from Emmie to her Dad!

    Great idea on using the blower to clean out the basement!