Thursday, June 13, 2013

Easy day with improving weather...

Nice and warm today, but raining again this morning, and all last night. Hard to believe how much rain we have received this year... our ground is saturated right through.

This morning was spent doing some regular exercising, and a bit of shopping... had to buy some Super Glue!


This is where the Drivers side mirror should be... had to take it off to fix it.


You can see the yellow side light, mounted inside the mirror case. It had come loose on the trip home from Florida, and fell down inside the mirror. My neighbour John, and I managed to convince it to go back into place with the help of suction cups, and Super Glued it back into place. All is good again. When you turn on the RV driving lights, these lights mark the mirrors at night. The mirrors are a sealed unit, and cannot be taken apart, that is why we had to figure a way to do it.

This afternoon was sun one minute, rain the next, about 3 or 4 cycles like this... kind of crazy. Judy did a bunch of computer work today, getting ready for my Mom's big party coming in July.

Ended up having to go back to the Lab this afternoon and have my PSA Blood Test done for the 3rd time now... seems someone made a mistake with my last sample, and they were good enough to admit the problem, and apologize to me for the mistake! At least they were up front about it and apologized... I can live with that.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice to fix up that mirror and sure is good to get that PSA test done right finally !

  2. PSA test is way to important not to get right. Glad the person was honest and took care of it.

  3. We've been having a few days of rain, sun, cloud cycles too. It sure makes it hard to plan anything.

  4. John's PSA test came back really high resulting in biopsy. Dr. said 80% chance he had prostate cancer. NOPE! he's fit as a fiddle....False alarm. So never panic if you have a high score. They only count in sports.

  5. About the only thing we seem to be able to plan here on the west coast are indoor activities. Outdoor projects will have to wait.

    Good work on the mirror!

  6. What would people do without duct tape and superglue? ;-)