Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Weatherman finally smartened up!

Finally the weatherman is getting things right.... beautiful day here... 32 Deg. C. lots of sun, warm, nice, you name it!

This morning I was alone as Judy stayed in with Charlie overnight to give Kristina a break. This morning was so nice, Judy and I took the kids over to the park for a while for some serious playing!

Gwenny is on the right here, and met another person at the park the same size as her! Perfect!

Guess who was on the other end of this teter totter.... yup... Pop Pop was.

This afternoon while Judy was chilling out at the RV, I jumped on my Honda 750 and hit Woodstock... what a day for a ride. Here I was outside the local Royal Bank Branch, loading up on that paper stuff.

Later this afternoon the kids came out for a BBQ and a swim as the pool was 83 deg. F. PERFECT! The solar system was working big time, as last week the pool was only 73 deg.

I never made it in, but they all had a heck of a time... Gwenny loves the pool. Hey, supposed to be nice again tomorrow... maybe we are on a roll.

Till tomorrow...



  1. It looks like you had a really great day.

  2. I'm glad the weather is finally cooperating... Gwenny is just too cute - you must be proud grandparents! :-)

  3. Gotta be lovin this great weather finally arriving.

  4. A smart weatherman is hard to find these days, you're lucky!

    That pool temp is finally getting up to a bearable warmth even for me.

    Gwenny sure has a lot of fun days for sure.

  5. You guys are drying out and we're staying wet. It is raining out here today. No swimming in outdoor pools! There is not dust though!!!!

  6. aww Gwenny is such a cutie...glad your having some decent weather...we've been lucky had two days in a row so far counting today but the day isn't over