Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Day at the Florida State Fair...

The Florida State Fair is on all this week, and it is not far from Frostproof, only about an hour and fifteen minutes in the Jeep brings you right to the Tampa Fairgrounds where they hold the State Fair. This is always a very well attended event, and today was no exception. We were here last year.

As an added bonus, Judy's Brother, Howard joined us from Sarasota today. Him and Teri are down for a couple of months this winter. Missed him with my camera though somehow...

We arrived at 11:00 and first off, caught a Sea Lion Show... Howard's favourite! These 4 Sea Lions did a pretty good job. Much better than the pig racing we saw later! Ya, pig racing!

We got into the Circus Show that was very good, about a 45 minute presentation that had a bit of everything. Two Camels were the highlights of the show for me... they put on a good show. You were not supposed to take pictures inside so I only got one of the juggler above...

This Fair is all about livestock... no bull! You can see just about any farm animal you can imangine. You can also go to the Moooturnity tent, and watch a calf being born... they do this on a regular basis here.

Lots of goats and sheep...none of them were hungry...(lol...)

Look carefully above at this goat and count the horns! Yup, three! Strangest thing I have ever seen...

We were just heading over to watch the horse shows, when all of a sudden, the sky started turning a little black it seemed. Before you know it, they were broadcasting warnings on the loudspeakers, advising people to seek shelter from the weather in permanent buildings! We had about 15 minutes to get back to the front of the fair and entered the main building. Whew... we made it. A little later the rain did come, and very very hard! High winds kept us inside for about an hour. Finally, it let up a bit, and I made the 1/2 mile run to get the Jeep and came back to the front to pick up all my passengers. No one was left behind!

It put a damper on the rest of the afternoon, but in reality, we were all done anyways, so we pointed the Jeep towards Frostproof, said goodbye to Howard, and hit the road. Stopped in Lake Wales and enjoyed a great dinner out at Chilies Restaurant. Love it there!

Made it home in the pouring rain to find my sealing job on our fantastic fan had worked, and all is dry! Whew... you never know on these things! Sure getting a good test tonight!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We love going to any type of fairs. Sometimes we are lucky enough to hit a small town fair. They are so awesome. People are so nice.

  2. Another busy activity in your Florida adventure. Fairs are fun!

  3. Sure wouldn't want to be trapped inside those barns with all those animals if a tornado hit! One things for sure I'd outrun those pigs!!!