Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Family Dinner Night...

We had terrific temperatures up into the 80's F. today, so we spent most of the day outside enjoying. Tom and I did our 4 1/2 mile walk this morning, and then headed right over to the pool complex and relaxed in the hot tub! Why not!

Judy was complaining about riding her bicycle and it making too much noise when you hit the brakes and while just riding down the road... so I looked at that. Turned out it needed an adjustment to the back brake of the bike, and soon, all was good again and Judy was back to her happy normal self! Piece of cake!

Feeling like I was on top of the world, I next set out and removed the two new house batteries I installed a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to check them out to make sure everything was OK with them, (it was...) and I wanted to top off the water levels with a new bottle of distilled water Judy picked up for me. Done! Good to go and lots of power in those new batteries.

I was going to carry on with my neighbour Mark and Tom, and have them help me install a new awning on our RV! I know, just a small job! I ordered the new fabric and it arrived. Problem was, at 1:00 this afternoon the wind picked up big time, and no way were we going to start horsing around with a new awning installation in the wind, so that will have to wait for a better day.

Off to Sebring this afternoon at 4:00 to attend the weekly Family Dinner with our neighbours...

We hit Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant, which is right on the shores of Jackson Lake at Sebring. Seemed like a great spot...(it is!)

There was a whole group of us out tonight, but some of our regulars were not there, as I think the Mexican Cusine kept some of them away... oh well, next time.

No, I am not using a special flilter on my iPhone camera, I shot the pic through the screened in enclosure. You can walk out on the dock to check for alligators if you want.... better watch it though, as I am told March is mating season for them, and the males tend to get a bit more aggresive it seems...

Check out the picture above... yes, they have a water volleyball court, just outside the restaurant - can't remember ever seeing this before in my life. No takers tonight for volleyball!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Too much fun again, Water volleyball here in Desert Hot Springs.

  2. John the tool man was busy. Too bad the wind put a stop to the awning install.

    We're experiencing some of those desert winds you will remember from your time here in Desert Hot Springs. Must be from the harsh rains the California west coast is presently experiencing.

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