Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Day over at Cocoa Beach...

Simply a way too busy to Blog last night, Judy and I took a drive over to Cocoa Beach to visit a long time Friend, Eleanor, and her Friend Paul. It took us about 2 hours and a bit to make the drive over to the Coast via Orlando. Eleanor and Paul rented a home, only one block off of the Atlantic Ocean!

Taking a look at the Map above, you will note by the dropped Pin, tht Cocoa Beach is just due south of Cape Canaveral. Standing on the beach at Cocoa Beach give one an incredible view of the launch pads at the Cape, and I am sure people flock here during the launches at the Cape. For some reason I did not take any pictures around the house that they had rented, however it was very nice... 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Great spot for a holiday.

This is looking north from Cocoa Beach above, although you cannot really see it, the Cape is just in the distance. We went for a walk yesterday afternoon along the beach heading south, and as you can see, the weather was beautiful.

Eleanor and Judy had their walking shoes on... or beach sandals anyway!

The sandals were soon removed by the girls, as Paul and I walked up on the dry stuff. I was surprised by how small the Atlantic Waves were that were hitting the beach...nothing nicer than walking the Ocean Beach!

Found ourselves a huge Pier above... it included a restaurant even.

The shot taken above was from the Pier overlooking the vollyball courts. Not a lot of people out on the beach for some reason...

We walked up and made a visit to the famous Ron Jon Store in Cocoa Beach. It is full off everything Brand Name, and made for the Beach! This store is so big, they have a parking garage just for the customers that is 3 stories high! Hang on to your wallet and Visa Card when you come here!

Above you can see how nice an afternoon it was for this couple, who decided it was a great spot to get married! Lots of people walking by to congratulate the couple!

There were a few guys fishing right from the beach, and this guy above, was keeping an eye on them! Too lazy to go find his own catch I guess...

It hardly looks like the water would be deep enough for this cruise ship, does it??? He is leaving The Port of Canaveral, where the large ship's, including the Disney Cruises', come in and dock. The State of Florida built a new Toll Highway, right from the Port of Canaveral directly to Disney World at Orlando, so the Cruise Lines simply put the passengers on a bus, and 1 hour later they are spending money at Disney World! Gotta love it! If you look directly in front of the Cruise Ship above, I believe that is the Launch Tower at Launch Pad 39A at Cape Canaveral. The next scheduled launch at the Cape is March 16, with a Sapce X-3 Re-supply mission up to the ISS. It happens at 4:41 a.m. so don't think I will be up to see that one.

Above is an observation tower located at the Port of Canaveral with an experience centre attached.

We stopped at this fish market at the Port, and picked up a big load of fresh fish for Tom and Cheryl, and made the delivery today! People line up here to buy the fresh fish.

These pelicans above guard the sea wall along the Port... always on the hunt for dinner!

As you can see we enjoyed a great trip to Cocoa Beach, and will probably return at some point in time.

Till tomorrow...



  1. A fun day at the beach and visiting friends, sounds like a great time.
    Love fish markets.

  2. Great tour of Cocoa Beach, John. What a great location - almost out there in the Atlantic Ocean.

  3. It is impossible to not enjoy any day out at the beach. Cocoa Beach is stunning.....! Glad you could enjoy it.