Thursday, February 27, 2014

Keeping the Florida Economy going...

Every person who lives in Canada or the United States, has the responsiblilty to keep the economies going in both these great Countries, and we just did our part today.

It was not a great day weather wise, started off OK, but by this afternoon, the weatherman was right with his forecast of rain. This is why we decided to take the day shopping, and head over to Sarasota.

I had mentioned to Tom and I really like going to Harbor Freight in Sarasota. I was introduced to it last week while visiting Howard and Teri. They have some really good deals and we both walked out with our arms full of deals. I got a nice soldering gun kit for only $12.00 along with some glue I needed, and a stone for sharpening your knife blades for only $1.00.

We had the energy to shop as we stopped and had lunch at Der Dutchman Restaurant! Love the place.

Next on the list was a trip over to Costco which is located in a great big mall in Sarasota... We did a bunch of shopping here, with Judy buying some new clothes at J.C. Penny. Tom and Cheryl did their part at keeping things running at Costco, picking up all kinds of stuff that was needed!

Check out this real short video I made while we were walking through the mall.

To keep the kids occupied while Mom and Dad are shopping, you can put them on the train, and it takes them on a big trip all around the mall. Don't ever remember seeing this before. Gotta love it!

Till tomorrow...



  1. My mom, auntie and I supported Gainesville yesterday and Ocala today!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. Hey thats what we do for six months every winter, keep the economy going,
    Great job you guys did!

  3. Paul finds some good deals at Harbor Freight too.

  4. We're doing out bit way over here in California to keep the economy going.

    Too bad that train is only for kids, I might go to Malls more often with one of those.

  5. Harbor Freight is one of those stores I never tire of spending time in. They are coast to coast and I often drop into the one in Bellingham, WA, only 20 minutes from our home.