Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sabastian Inlet with the kayaks!

When Judy and I were visiting over in Cocoa Beach, we did some scouting for a future kayak trip with Tom and Cheryl, and today was the day. Sabastian Inlet was our designated spot to take off, right for the Sabastian Inlet State Park. $8.00 gives you a day pass in the Park for up to 8 people in you vehicle, and you get to use all the facilities. This was a no brainer, as it is a great park, and had a boat launch area.

Now, we will not talk too much about the trip over to Sabastian Inlet... yikes.... We had the 4 kayaks loaded into the back of Tom's GMC Truck, and strapped down. We were going about 60 miles per hour on a four lane divided section of Hwy. 60. Somehow, one of our kayaks actually slipped out of the back bed of the truck and landed on the highway! Ouch... We were told by a passing motorist and went back to where it came off. A Park Attendant had stopped and picked it up in his truck. We were able to recouver the kayak and put it back in Tom's truck. Yup, it has a couple scars on it that it did not have before, but it is amazingly intact, with no holes. Enough said...

Tom and I are getting ready above to take on the inland waterway...

Nice calm waters, however we did end up with a bit of a wind later, but it did not cause too many problems.

Check out the pic above... that is a stingray under the water between Tom and Cheryl... Cheryl is taking picture of it... cool, he was swimming all over the place.

We found a starfish, and a hermit crab above...

Above are the facilities inside the State Park... picnic shelters and washrooms.... great spot, great day!

We left the Park after a few hours, and parked again, just on the other side of the A1A highway we were on, and walked down to the Atlantic Ocean and did the beach... the waves here were a lot higher than in the inland waterway. Not too many people on the beach here today.

What a day...

This is a neat area of Florida, and hopefully we will be back!

We stopped in Vero Beach on the way home, and we all enjoyed dinner at one of my favourite Restaurants, the Olive Garden.

Being the grand prize winner of the $100.00 from the Biggest Looser Contest, I decided to treat all the participants to a dinner! It was worth it, we all enjoyed!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Here in Langley, BC, the "Olive Garden" is considered to be the best restaurant to wait three hours for a table. No reservations possible, bummer.

  2. We love the OG too but wow! Their food has a LOT of sodium in it!

  3. Another fun day paddling around and walking the beach. Good thing your kayak was rescued.