Monday, February 17, 2014

Road trip to Sarasota...

We were on the road this morning, a quick 93 mile run over to Sarasota to visit Judy's Brother, Howard and wife Teri. They have rented a Park Model Unit in a Park.

The blue ball off the iPad shows you we are just south of Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico.

What else to do, but take a run down to Venice Beach!

What a beautiful day we had for President's Day! Lots of people on the beach today.

Now this is a bit crazy, but above is a screen shot off a video I took of a stingray breaching in the Gulf! He breached 5 times in a row...could now draw the iPhone fast enough! The video did not really show the stingray...just not fast enough.

Check out today's sky!!!

This Mermaid was just lying on the beach all afternoon! (It took the artist 1 hour to create it)

Howard was on a mission to find the elusive shark's tooth...

Judy and Teri were after Shark's teeth as well... They did find them!

You can sell these things here to tourists!

Had a great day! But what better way to get around other than a convertable PT Criuser!

Till tomorrow...


  1. What a gorgeous looking day. The beach is so pretty.

  2. Looks like fun! I tried to see the sting ray but Flickr said it was private and denied access. But the rest of the pictures were fun!!

  3. Nice getting around there and visiting relatives, great beach day.

  4. Nice ride! Sharks teeth on the beach? Never knew that.

  5. We've been to that part of Florida and it was nice to re-visit it through your blog.

    Hunting for shark teeth is new to us. We did not know about that either!