Friday, February 21, 2014

SSSSHHHHHHHHHHH.....Canada won...

Yes, of course I watched the Canadian Men's Hockey Team beat the United States Team today, 1 - 0 in a pretty exciting game! With the Women's Gold Medal in hand yesterday, the Men must have been inspired, as they played by far the best game so far in these Olympics.

Our Captain, Sidney Crosby has yet to score in the Olympics, but "Hey", it is a Team Sport... you can depend on your fellow players, can't you???

So, after the big win today, I had to keep a low profile, as we are in the U.S.A. you know... I had a couple comments thrown at me from my American Neighbours about the Game, but hey, it was all in good fun! To most Americans down here, I don't think they believe hockey means all that much anyways... gotta be Football, Baseball, or Basketball to mean anything...

Next up is Sunday Morning at 7:00 a.m. ET, (Eastern Time Zone) when Canada will take on the Swedes for the rights to have a gold medal hung around your neck!

Not much on the go here today, taking life pretty easy. Judy and Cheryl were out together shopping for most of the afternoon keeping the Florida economy going.

Sunday morning we are heading up to Daytona Beach to take in the Daytona 500 Race, so we will have to let Canada win the gold on their own!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Congrats to the Canadian men in their win over team USA. Hope you get the gold. Yeah, there's a lot of emphasis on football, baseball, and basketball here in theUSA. I was going to say maybe we just don't have enough ice but this winter would prove that statement wrong haha!

  2. It was a solid defensive performance by Canada today - a good win.

    Looks like I'll be up early on Sunday morning to watch the Gold Medal Game against Sweden.

    There's a lot of good natured ribbing going on here at the Sands too.

  3. I can't believe you would rather goto the Daytona 500 than watch hockey, enjoy.....

  4. Baseball, Football or Baseball are not the only BIG US sports. You forgot NASCAR! Now....that is one big draw for sport minded folks, especially in your neck of the woods.

    It was a great hockey game. Now....we wait for the big gold medal game tomorrow.