Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Man, things just went to the dogs around here today...

Warning to all Canadians up north in Canada... Florida is starting to heat up! Come on down! We enjoyed a great day today with temps around 80 deg. F. and nothing but sun in the sky!

Ya, things went to the dogs today. We stayed overnight last night in Sarasota with Howard and Teri. After a terrific breakfast that Howard cooked up, Judy was doing haircuts, trimming both myself and Howard! We had picked up a bunch of bargains on all things tools etc. at the local store of Overland Freight, including a new hair trimmer. Wow... they had some good deals.

Just after lunch we were off for an afternoon of racing over at the Sarasota Kennel Club!

None of us have ever been to watch Grey Hound Racing, so we thought we would check it out, as Teri had a coupon gaining us free entrance today.

This is a fairly new, and large complex, built for the sole purpose of racing dogs. There is also a mini casino inside the Club House where people can play poker.

It was nice out, so we spent the afternoon sitting outside... there is a huge grandstand to sit in, however for a while we sat on the lower level at the rail.

Teri is going over the program to pick the next winner...

Below, the crew is once again beating the programs, looking for anything that looks like a winner, however I am sorry to report after numerous tries, we could not even pick one winner! Guess they did not really build this track for winners...right?

They have 8 dogs in each race, and they parade the dogs in front of you before the race, so you can see if anyone is limping I guess!

Above is a pic I took at the finish line... man, can these dogs run! I would not have thought!

I took a video, you can check it out below and you can tell how fast the dogs really are! It is about a 30 second clip.

When the dogs were not racing, I got to watch the planes land at Sarasota Intl. Airport, right beside us!

Had a great day, then beat feet back to Frostproof. We will run into Howard and Teri again before they leave for home.

Till tomorrow...



  1. We have never gong to any dog races but really enjoy seeing the trotters.

  2. A friend of ours has a rescued Greyhound, They are such a lazy dog, but can he sure run.
    Sounds like another fun day with your weather warming up too.

  3. Another interesting activity in Florida. Not having ever attended a dog race, that would be something of a draw for us.

  4. Wow - those Greyhounds can sure run. You are certainly finding lots of different things to do down there in Florida.