Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On the road to Cape Coral...

Phew...85 deg. F. today, so we had to get moving... made a trip over to Cape Coral to visit with Mary and Terry before they head back up to the snow and cold of Ontario!

They came over to visit us a couple of weeks ago at our RV if you recall... we enjoyed a nice return trip today to visit them! They moved from where they were, and headed for this week at a nice rental home at Cape Coral. This home was very similiar to the one which we rented over in Venice when the kids came for a visit. Check out the nice hot tub that comes with this place... they had it at 88 deg. F.!!! Mary likes to be warm!

Mary made a fantastic lunch for us, and we sat until 3:00 this afternoon talking about everything under the sun! Safe trip home to you two!

We have been doing a great job wearing out our Jeep this winter, so I took the opportunity while in Cape Coral to have it serviced... good for another bunch of miles!

Check out this video that Kristina sent me of Charlie. Looks like he is sure getting ready to go!

Might not get a chance to blog tomorrow night...good reason though! The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Tampa for a game tomorrow night, and we have 4 tickets to the big event. Going to make a nice evening including dinner out, so should be fun. Go Leafs Go!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Busy bodies you two are. No wonder the Jeep needed a service. All good fun though. Enjoy the game and I hope you Leafs win.....!

  2. Can't believe they would want to head back with all that snow.

    Have fun at the game.

  3. You sure put a lot of miles on that Jeep, look after it and will treat you well.
    Enjoy the game too.

  4. Looks like Charlie will be taking off on his own soon (I'm going to have to send this video to Mason).

    Have fun at the Leaf game and hope they win!