Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A great day for the Motorcycles...

Wow... what a day! Lots of sun brought the temps well up into the mid to high 80's, so it was time to hit the road on the motorcycles...

Mark in our Park, organized a ride today over to Punta Gorda. Above, we are all staging on our bikes, right out front of our RV. We had 14 motorcycles from our Park on this run today! There are a lot of motorcycles in our Resort.

We had a great 2 1/2 hour drive over to Punta Gorda, and our detination was the Fisherman's Wharf. This is a picture above of the Wharf, which is a huge tourist trap. Lots of shops for the Ladies, and a couple great restaurants.

You can arrive at the Wharf by car/motorcycle/or boat...lots do! There were lots of people there today.

That is Mark on the right, checking out everything going on out on the water before we ate...

This is our table above, and just the way things work out in these groups, we are all from Ontario! What a view we had of the waterfront... we are on the second floor of the Wharf buildings.

After lunch we made the quick drive up to a Park, where the Peace River empties into the Gulf. What a great place to visit on a nice day... again, lots of people, lots of sun and sand!

Judy and visions of kayaking along these waterways....

Had a great day...

Till tomorrow...


  1. A great fun outing with all those people from Ontario and awesome weather to boot.

  2. I'm always surprised to see how many RVers bring their motorcycles with them when they travel. Our park is loaded as well.

    Our weather here in Palm Springs is very similar to yours right now as far as temps go. Pretty nice!

  3. Great photos of a great ride with like minded riders. Way to go!

    I dropped our motorcycle off the swivel wheel in Desert Hot Springs this early morning. It is all shined up and ready for a ride (leaving soon, in fact). Must take advantage of this great desert weather.