Thursday, February 13, 2014

Giddy up...

We exerienced cool weather here today, with temps only around 62 deg. F. however the sun was shining pretty much most of the day, so it made up for it.

On our agenda today was a trip Cheryl planned for us, over to Myakkaa City to visit H Lipizzan Stallions Stable. This is the winter home for this group of 40+ Lipizzan Stallions who love to perform.

They invite the public to come and watch them do the training with the horses. They ask only for a donation to help keep this 200 acre Farm going! They pretty much had a capacity crowd out today to watch.

I only took 2 million pictures, and 1 million videos, so it took me a while to come up with the best... these horses are amazing to watch.

This is a seven year old stallion being trained above, and will live to over 35 years old probably.

Smoke was coming off my iPhone 5 as I was just a shooting with it, to get some of these shots...

Back 64 years ago, the Germans captured a herd of 500 of these horses during the war, and none other than General Patton lead a rescue mission that freed the horses and some POW's as well. Lots of history around these animals. They can jump and kick, and go straight up in the air!

Check out this horse above, no hooves on the ground. He just jumps straight up...

I loaded a few short videos below of some of the action, if you are up to watching them...


Above Cheryl meets Bella, who is a Stallion. He is retired after a full working life, including time at the Circus with Ringling, Barnum and Bailey no less! He spends his days in the pasture and walking.

Had to be 500 plus spectators out today, and most people made it into the barns to meet the horses.

Had a great afternoon sitting in the sun. You can see more about these horses and their history at

Till tomorrow...



  1. A new way to spend a cool day.Very interesting.

  2. I love horses and these are your photos show truly gorgeous specimens. What a fun activity to take in on a cool Florida day.

  3. Looks like a fun day, those are great horses