Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nothing but a bunch of losers...

Got back to our great weather today, with the sun back out, and temps in the high 70's... so all is good again!

Tom and Cheryl made their way down at 1:00 this afternoon, to do our weekly weigh in... what a bunch of losers! Everyone lost weight this week, for a grand total of 4 lost pounds for the week. I lost a further .9 of a lbs., which now puts me at 9.5 lbs lost since we started back at the first of January. I am now using belt loop holes that I did not know I had! Another big milestone, is that I now weigh just less than 175 lbs. which is somewhere I have not been for a long time! Our contest finishes this coming Friday, the 14th of February, or good old Valentines Day!

I am hearing talk from some of the contestants, that they are not stopping just because our contest is soon ending! They want to carry on being losers! Since the start of our contest, the 4 of us have lost a collective 25.8 lbs.!!!!! Sounds like a lot...

I did not take any pictures, but this afternoon I did some work on our motorhome. I replaced our two Deep Cycle RV Batteries that run our house. The two we had were not holding a charge any more after 5 years of service. I figure that was a pretty good lengh of time for them. The new batteries fit with no problem, and were all charged and ready to go!

That was about it for today...

Till tomorrow...



  1. I feel so much better when I have my weight under control. Tomorrow will begin the "getting under control" day.

  2. Glad to here that all of you are back to being losers. That must mean that Tom isn't taking any more Salad Free Days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Once you start loosing it feels so good, enjoy the new you..
    Ready for boondocking again with new batteries.

  4. I have some losing to look forward to when I get back home. We have a wedding coming up in August and I've got a suit to fit into!

    I guess I could start losing now, but.....!

  5. What a good bunch of losers you guys are. Do you feel any better?

    We changed out our batteries last year and what a difference that has made. You're good for several years now.