Monday, February 3, 2014

How many Ontario Bloggers are in Florida???

Yes, we are officially back in the great weather here, up in the mid 80's today with lots of sun, just wanted to made you be outside all day, and we were.

What a terrific start to the day though, as I was eating my bowl of Cheerios, I received a Facetime call from Gwenny, who was enjoying her toasted penut butter sandwich! Yes, her Brother and Mother showed up on the screen as well, but it is hard to beat seeing Gwenny's smiling face saying "Hi Pop Pop!"

Tom and I were hard on the road course at 8:00 a.m. putting in our 5 1/2 mile walk this morning! Good thing it ended when it did, as it was getting too hot to walk.

We all took off in the Jeep for Lakeland at 11:00 a.m., as we had Bloggers to meet!



The scene of the crime was this Denny's Restaurant, in Lakeland. The Bloggers were none other than Rick and Kathy from "Its About Time!" They had this big bird acting as security outside in the parking lot!

They travel in a 5th wheel, and were in Lakeland to have some service work completed today - a new skirt to go around the front hitch on the 5th. They sent us an email to come and meet them, and we all jumped at the chance. Yes, even though we were all from Ontario, it seems easier to meet in Florida!

That is Tom and Cheryl above, with Tom doing a major inspection of Rick's truck, which is a Ford 350 with dual wheels. Rick is quite the handy man, doing much of his own stuff, and was showing us his handy work on the truck.

We all enjoyed a great lunch, although I do admit I laughed a bit at Judy who order the Turkey Burger, and when she was 1/2 way through the sandwich, she mentions it does not taste much like Turkey, only to figure out they gave her the Veggie Burger by mistake....oooopppssss!

Rick and Kathy are doing Florida right this winter, with a lot of travel in their 5th. They are making a trip for a couple weeks down to Key West, to re-visit the scene of the crime... their Honeymoon Location! Sure was great to meet them, and learn of all the things they have done over the years! "It's about time" we all met!

I forgot yesterday in my haste to blog, about our Biggest Loser Weigh In! I sure made up for the week the kids came down to visit, when I put on 2 1/2 lbs...(yuck...) by losing 3.4 lbs this week, to once again, put me in the front for the contest, now having lost over 4% of my starting body weight! 2 Weeks to go! The end is in sight!

So much for the big Super Bowl Game... what a laugh that was! Congrats to Seattle on their first Championship! Above is the start of our Party as People started to gather. We had a bunch of great food, and some minor side bets, with Tom being the big Winner...once again I was the Biggest Loser! (no punn intended....)

Till tomorrow...



  1. Good job on the Biggest Loser. Keep up the good work.

  2. Any day that starts with a call from Gwenny has got to be good! Glad you got to meet some fellow Ontarioans (what do you call yourselves??) even if you had to go to Florida to do it. Good work on your loss - keep up the good work!

  3. Kathy and I really enjoyed meeting the rest of the Ontarians that flew south before that Winter Weather hit with a vengeance. Maybe some day we'll actually meet on home turf.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Great that you got to meet Rick and Kathy, We met them last summer at Camp Awesome in Plattsville Ontario and believe they are returning again this summer for the Canada Party. Your guys are invited too!
    Lets all get together!

  5. Looks like Judy could be the big winner this week what with that Veggie Burger - YUK!!

    I'll be taking on the Biggest Loser Challenge as soon as we get home for sure!!

  6. It seems that to find like minded Ontario RVers in Florida is common. Nice visit with Rick and Kathy, no doubt.

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  8. How nice to run into fellow bloggers!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard