Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anna Maria Island... time to ride!

Beautiful day here in Florida, with temperatures heading into the 80's F. Just perfect to get the motorcycles out and dust them off!

Anna Maria Island is a great spot to visit, especially on the motorcycles. It took a little over two hours to get there this morning... just in time to eat our picnic lunch on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico!

There was kind of a haze hanging in the air at the beach, but this beach has that really white fine fine sand that seems to find it's way into everything! When we finished lunch, I had to field a call from the Scotia Private Client Group up in Ontario, in regards to updating our wills! It was hard to try and disguise the sound of the Gulf Waves hitting the beach shore while discussing business! They did tell me to enjoy my afternoon! We did!

I do not have a clue what they are mining out in the Gulf, but they were pretty busy.

We moved over to the inland waterway side of the Island, and enjoyed the Anna Maria Wharf. This was built way back when Steamships let people off here to enjoy the warm weather! One of the two guys that originally promoted and built the wharf, was the guy who invented the Fig Newton Cookie of all things.

This is a neat wharf, but they forgot to put the hand rails on the sides Judy said...???... Oh well... Busy restaurant out on the end!

Lots of people busy fishing on the end of the wharf... catching fish too! Even had live entertainment to woo the fish onto the hooks! We enjoyed watching for a while.

A bunch of real nice homes along the waterway... OK, so we did stop and enjoyed a small small ice cream cone each at the beach... there, I said it!

This guy was hoping I would throw in my ice cream cone, but it was not happening!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice looking day.

    If a guy called me on the beach to update my will I'd be looking at the ocean to make sure no sharks were lingering.

  2. Been enjoying your blog. Noticed it when blog surfing 'cause I grew up in Woodstock.

  3. Another fun day sightseeing on your bikes.
    Great weather for the beach too.

  4. I would not be going out on that wharf. I don't need to use the handrails, I just need them for my security.

  5. What a nice looking destination that ride took you to. A picnic on the beach sounded great.

    I'm not having much success, to date, as two motorcycle shops are puzzled by the issue I am having. Ho hum....!

  6. You guys really get around! Normally, we would be in Cortez--right next to Anna Maria Island-- and might have had the grand opportunity to meet you, but ALAS, we are doing penance in the Keys this month. Maybe further down the road we will cross paths. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

    FYI: the dock without rails is one that just recently reopened after burning down (including the Rod and Reel Restaurant) last year. I am guessing they still have plans to add rails as the original dock had them.

    Also, the large boats out in the Gulf are dredging offshore to obtain sand for a major beach reclamation project on Anna Maria Island.