Sunday, February 16, 2014

And the winner is...

We have been so busy getting around to different places and visiting people, I kind of forgot to report on The Biggest Loser Contest! It came to an end on Feb. 14th. That was the day we picked after starting back on Jan. 1st.

So, the winner of the Biggest Loser was JOHN!!!! Yeah...clap,clap,clap...cheer, cheer! (drum roll in the distance...)

I ended up losing 10.8 lbs to take the win, after losing an additional 1.3 lbs last week. That makes a total of 5.9% of my body weight lost during the contest. Do I feel any better??? You bet I do! There was 25.15 lbs lost in total during the contest between us all! Not bad. Judy took 2nd place. So my wallet is now $100.00 heavier after the big win!

Now it is a matter of keeping the weight off, and maybe still lose a bit more! We will see!

Today was a take it easy kind of day. I did manage to take in the entire Canada vs. Finland Men's Hockey Game that was on TV this afternoon, with Canada winning in OT!

Check out the short video below of Charlie... I laughed when I saw this one... still do! I am not sure what he is eating, but maybe peanut butter??? Turn up your volume.

Till tomorrow...


  1. That's fantastic John. Way to go. Charlie is so cute.

  2. What Charlie was eating was 'smacking' good.

    Earning $100 bucks to be the Biggest Loser is not a bad haul. You win if you lose!

  3. I knew it! I never had a doubt that you'd be the biggest loser in that group John!! You da man! Loser!

    It's funny how the little guys can be so entertaining just by eating! Great clip of Charlie.

  4. Congratulations, looser! Knew you cloud do it.
    We too love all the pics and videos of our 5 grands as they are growing up.