Thursday, December 16, 2010

And the $10,000.00 winner is…

Never got home early enough last night from Los Angeles to do up a blog… I hate missing one!

Our weather really changed yesterday, and into today.  There is a reason why you see all the pictures of windmills from this part of California… cause the WIND blows!

These pictures were taken yesterday as we drove out on Hwy. 10 towards L.A.  I figure there must be close to 1,000 of these windmills in this area and believe me, they must have been making money yesterday as the wind was blowing and the windmill were turning!




They use any piece of land as an excuse to build a windmill.


We headed into Los Angeles to meet up with Tom Bergeron, the host of America’s Funniest Video’s…  The good news was that we ran into him on the set of the show, the bad news was he was too busy to say hello…or even know we were there… but hey, that is show business as they say.

We had to wait a couple of hours to get into the set, but it was really interesting to see how they film the show once we got in.  If you ever have watched this show, all you see on TV are audience members who are really really young, and well dressed and good looking!   There is not too much room for retired Bank Managers, who like to blog.  We ended up with real good seats to see the show, just behind the production crew.  Judy got a little bummed out as she thought they did not treat all the audience the same, but again, “that is show business”…

This was the $100,000.00 for the 2nd. half of the season, and will not hit the air until Feb. 13th.  We know who won the money, but we had to sign  a confidentiality document, so I will not blog about who won the show as they could come looking for me!  It sure was fun to watch how they do it.  A lot of the scenes were done twice, once for the network TV and once for when the show is syndicated.  You do get to watch the actual videos in the studio, but we did not get to vote for the winner, as they use a different format for the big money.

We got locked up in some construction on Hwy. 10 and did not get home till after midnight.  I had taken down our satellite internet dish due to the high winds, (better safe than sorry my Mother always told me…)  and did not want to get into setting it back up after midnight, it was still windy anyways.

Today I went down to workout in the real nice gym they have here, and I met a nice guy that lives here full time in the Resort!  (It’s a tuff life!)

I was asking him about the burned out Palm Trees that I was all depressed about, and blogged about a night or two ago.  I asked him if he knew why they burned?  He told me the Fire Dept. was out there and that it was a controlled burn!  He did not know the reason why.   Hard to believe they would do this.  Maybe they were infected with a disease or something… maybe more on this subject later.

Sill a bit windy today, but the temps got up into the 70’s or so.  Looks like we may have a unsettled period for a while.  Oh well…

I would also like to send a welcome to Brian’n’Tricia, and FD5, two of our latest followers.  The list continues to grow!

Till tomorrow…


  1. The wind is the one, and only, drawback of Desert Hot Springs that I can think of. Luckily, it doesn't blow all the time and it's much the same in any desert area.

  2. Warm up Desert Hot SPrings for us - we intend to be there tomorrow! Sounds like the funniest video show was still fun and a new experience. Did you get to vote on your choice?