Monday, December 13, 2010

A trip up Berdoo Canyon Road… (well, trail!)

I hate to keep bringing up the weather, but today was downright warm!   Our temperature reading at the RV today exceeded 91 Degrees F.  (probably 35+ degrees C. for all the Canadians).  It was also nice and clear today here, and the mountains were incredible to look at!

We made it to the MCCallum Theatre last night and took in the Kathy Griffin show.  So did half of Palm Springs as this is a beautiful large Theatre.  It was interesting to see on the donation wall inside the loby, a list of people who donated between $1 Million and $2 1/2 Million.  On the list was “Bob and Delores Hope”.   I guess they lived in Palm Springs… Anyways, very funny show.  

Last night at sunset, Judy stuck her head out the door and snapped this pictures of our palm tree on our site… check out the red sky…


This morning Judy and I attended the Church Service inside our Resort, along with about 175 other residents… afterwards, at 11:00 they had a nice pot luck brunch that we participated in, which was excellent!

I managed to get the back of the RV cleaned today with bucket and hose.  It was a great day to have a hose in your hand.  Still a lot more cleaning to do, but there is always another day!

It was too warm to work this afternoon, so we lowered all the windows on the Jeep and headed out to find Berdoo Canyon Road.  It was only about 15 miles from our Resort, so not too far.  It extends up into Joshua Tree State Park.  As you can see, it goes into the mountains, hence the Canyon.


The road was paved for a bit but soon turned into a Jeep Trail…


This is a very desolate area, lots of rock and small brush, not much else…


We got about 7 clicks in, and hit a bit of a rough spot… I got out to survey the land…


I told Judy I was (somewhat) sure we could make it through, however there was a little tricky spot where you had to make a sharp turn to avoid rock damage to the Jeep… Judy said “don’t get me stuck out here!”  I regained all my wisdom, and we turned the Jeep around and headed back home…

                                        Thumbs upRolling on the floor laughing

P.S.  We could have made it!


This was a big sandpit, where people brought dune buggies and dirt bikes to rip up the pit area!


Just a great day for a drive… I must be getting lazy though, Judy took all the pictures today!


Judy went on line and arranged a pair of tickets for us to go and see the taping of the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.  We will head into Los Angeles tomorrow morning, and the taping is at 2:30 in the afternoon.  I assume the taping is used for tomorrow nights show????   We don’t even know who the guests are going to be… ??? …   Should be a good day!

A big RVlifeonwheels welcome to our latest followers, Randy and Pam… hang on for a wild ride!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Don't you just hate telling us it's 30C!! I'll bet! It's one of the reasons we stay in Desert Hot Springs for 3 months - the weather there just can't be beat!

    Have fun in Los Angeles and I'll look for you on the Jay Leno show tomorrow night!

  2. you could have made it!!..looked like a goat trail to me!!!

  3. Looks like a great area. If it two warm for you, you could always join those of us in FL suffering from the cold :)

  4. Sounds like fun! Al ( Bayfield Bunch ) just noted to us that there will be a few in DH Springs - we will be there on Friday for a month - thanks for some notes about sites and activities! It is warm here too ( Lake Havasu )