Saturday, December 11, 2010

Out and about on HST Day…

Anybody who lives in Ontario would be jumping up and down for joy today, as the Provincial Government made an HST payment to most everyone.  This of course is supposed to make us feel warm and fuzzy or something like that, and then when the election comes we are supposed to remember this payment and maybe vote the Liberals back in again!   Hmmmm, not sure about that.  Anyways, $335.00 in my account is better there than not I guess! 

If you think about it, the Gov’t. paid out about $1.2 billion in payments today, but of course everyone is going to go and spend the money as Christmas is very close, so the Gov’t will receive 13% of it back right away in HST.  What a plan!   Don’t think they thought of all us RVers out of the country and probably going to spend the payment down here in the States!

It was a beautiful day again in Ca. and Judy was off for the exercise class in the pool area, while I started the major job of cleaning the exterior of the RV.  It always gets real dirty from driving about 2,400 miles and I might have got about 1/3 done today.  By 10:00 a.m. it is too hot to do anymore so you have to stop.

Thought we would made a Wal-Mart run after the cleaning stopped.  Check out this one, it has Palm Trees!


On the way to the store we passed a couple windmills…  none were turning this morning though, as it was very still.  We may try to get on a windmill tour…


We stopped at a Del Taco for lunch and it was pretty good!  We also headed into Desert Hot Springs for the 1st time this trip, as Judy wanted to mail some letters etc.   This picture below was taken from the Jeep and shows how close the mountains are to the downtown area…


Judy was into the Christmas spirit, and bought a Frosty the Snowman figure to place in our window… he lights up and changes colour…


Well, hope everyone in Ontario had a great HST day… don’t forget, there is another one coming in June of next year… can’t wait!

Till tomorrow…



  1. Sounds like an Obama stimulus check to me. But, thanks for spending yours here in the USA. We need all the help we can get.

    Don't ya' just love seeing palm trees at a Walmart! Those mountains in the background looked so pretty. Life is good.

  2. Hey we didn't get any money back. Do you need to be a poor retiree to cash in?

  3. We are on the verge of repealing the HST here in B.C. A counter petition was successful in calling for repeal and it is going to a full vote next year with an 80% chance of success - so, no cheques for us.

    I'm seeing a lot of familiar sights in your pictures. We stay just down the road from where you are on Dillon Rd. Our RV park is the Sands RV and Golf Resort at the corner of Dillon and Bubbling Wells Rd.

    If you want to go on a nice hike, try out the Thousand Palms Oasis near you and some of the Indian Canyons as well.

    Keep that weather nice for a few more weeks, o.k.

  4. no cheques for us in BC..!..gall dang it!!!