Saturday, December 18, 2010

“I get by with a little help from my (blogger) Friends!”

All you do is mention you are having a bit of a problem in your blog around here, and before you know it you have your answer!  Thanks to the people who left comments on my blog from last night, and thanks to Judy who figured out that, yes, I had exceeded the 1 GB. blogger limit, and that I would have to pay $5.00 in order to get some more space… guess I should have known that nothing is life is free anymore, but remember, I worked for the Royal Bank, not Microsoft or Google!  

Paid my $5.00 and all is well in blog land again!

The first pic tonight is here just for the heck of it, although it is not my favourite of the night, it is a good one.  I shot it a couple nights ago when I stuck my head out the door of the RV… say no more.


We had a Christmas Skype with Shawn and Jenn in Tennessee this morning, more on this later.  After Skype, we attended an open house in our resort for the new Park Model Units.  They are nice, and they provided everyone free lunch!

After lunch we headed over to the College of the Deserts Market.  We were here last year, and it is pretty cool!


Turned out to be a great day, with a bit of haze and cloud.  Warmed up real nice this afternoon.  This shot is from the market.


Could this be the new trend in motorcycles for the older crowd????


Live entertainment at the market…


Where is Al from the Bayfield Bunch when you need him, to control all the dogs!


Now here is my fav pic of the day!   I did not take it, but I am in it.  It was taken near Johnson City, Tennessee, by our Daughter in Law, Jennifer.  We had early Christmas with the kids, as they are getting ready to head up to Canada.  We were talking on Skype, and Jenn lined up Emmie and Paige, and us, and took our Christmas Picture!  Love it!


The two girls were having a ball opening up some gifts…


Emmie did a great job singing Christmas Carols to us, and just for good measure, recited the American Pledge of Allegiance!  (They teach it in pre-school)  Not bad for a Canadian!


Another very busy day, but the hot tubs soon cured that this afternoon!

Also, our newest blog followers, the “Hagemeyer’s”… have to welcome them!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Skype sure makes it great for staying in touch with the family while away. It was nice that you could actually see the kids opening their presents!

  2. so glad to be of service!..hope it all works out for you! for great to see the grandkids!..modern technology is wonderful!!

  3. That was a pretty neat photo of you and the grandchildren! Sure helps having Skype - we got to watch our granddaughter color Easter eggs this year. Looking forward to Skype at Christmas too! Love the palm tree photo against the sky.